Easy Ways to Overcome Sinusitis


Easy Ways to Overcome SinusitisSinusitis is a common problem among most people. It is generally caused by bacteria or viral infection. Blocked nose, severe headache, facial pain, nasal discharge etc. are some of the common symptoms of sinusitis. Dealing with sinusitis is a huge nuisance as it may persist for weeks.

Doctors prescribe many kinds of decongestants or antibiotics to treat sinusitis. However if you are extremely troubled by the sinus infection and do not have time to visit the doctor, then you can try a few home remedies. These home remedies help to deal with the problem of sinusitis in a natural way without causing any kind of side effects. These remedies can be easily tried out to treat the sinus pain.

Take a look at these simple home remedies to treat sinusitis and get instant, hassle free relief.

Rest: The most simple remedy for sinus is to take plenty of rest. Sleep as much as you can. This helps your body to fight the inflammation and helps in speedy recovery.

Mositurize the sinus cavities: Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of hot water. Drape a towel over your head and breathe in the vapour through your nose. This will help to clear the mucus and provide instant relief.

Fluids: Drink plenty of fluids like fruit juices and water. Water is the best remedy to rinse out the mucus which blocks the breathing passage. However avoid drinking alcohol. It may worsen the problem.

Lemon balm: It is an effective ingredient to fight sinusitis causing germs. You can boil some dried lemon balm leaves for about ten minutes. Then sieve the mixture and use the water to gargle. It provides great relief from sinus congestion.

Warm compress: Apply warm, damp towel around your nose, head, cheeks and eyes to ease the pain and mucus drain.

Apart from all these remedies, it is extremely necessary to watch your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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