Easy ways to quit snacking sugary foods


quit snacking sugary foodsSweet food has addictive nature. And if habits of snacking sugary foods do not stop, you will certainly get fat! Let’s stop the habit of snacking sugary foods, as reported by ABC News as following.

Identify the type
Before breakomh the habit of snacking sweet foods, try to look at the types of sugars that are not good for the body. An example is brown sugar, sugar cane, corn syrup, corn sugar, molasses, juice extract, and raw sugar.

Read the label
After knowing the various designations of sugar, you should think twice before buying foods that attach one of these sugars on the label name. Thus consumption of sugar can be avoided from the beginning.

Nevertheless, it is difficult if you have to avoid products that contain sugar completely. But at least if there is a food that contains sugar, make sure it is not more than 2.5 grams in every 100 calories of food.

Choose a natural and nutritious sweetener. For example, fruit snacking with a lot of fiber in order to maintain the stomach to feel full for a long time. As for seasoning on food, better use other materials such as honey.

Snack time
Every now and then, keeping sugary snack foods is allowed. As long as you do it 20-30 minutes before exercise. By doing so, the sugar will soon be processed into energy by the body and does not accumulate as fat.

Hidden sugar
Although yogurt is not very sweet, but still has sugar in it. So the best is to consume plane yogurt or actually process it yourself at home.

Artificial sweeteners
Although it is not sugar, but artificial sweeteners as much as possible should be avoided. Because artificial sweeteners actually make you more addicted to eating sweet foods and makes you more difficult to lose weight.

Those are some easy ways to break the habit of snacking sugary foods. Good luck!