Easy Ways to Stay Active and Fit During The Holidays


Yes, it’s true, holidays are the best time to rest. But a rest is not necessarily always to lie on the couch or in your room all day languishing behind the blanket. You can stay active and burn off some calories during the day, by doing this two things.

Low-intensity exercise that involves stretching without making the body sweat is the perfect way to make sure you are still moving your body without having to exercise or do strenuous activity.

Even if you are just watching television, with stretching, then you keep your joints flexible and can be beneficial to soothe sore muscles with some relaxing yoga poses.

Mild cardio
Mild cardio exercise for a few minutes is always good for you. Take a walk or a go cycling, it will make you sweat and keep your body active without requiring you to engage in activities that are too strenuous.