Eat Three Bananas a Day to Avoid Stroke

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banana prevent strokeBananas have a lot of benefits for human health. Besides its ability to lower blood pressure and recover stamina, potassium contained in bananas can also reduce the risk of stroke.

According to scientists from the University of Warwick, UK and University of Naples, Italy, banana effectively reduce the risk of stroke as long as people consume it three times a day. You can consume bananas during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That amount is enough to lower about 21 percent chance of blood clot in the brain that causes stroke.

Based on the findings of the British and Italian scientists, consuming a certain amount of potassium can reduce the likelihood of stroke. Some examples of foods rich in potassium are spinach, beans, milk, and fish.

“This research suggests you to eat potassium-rich foods which can reduce your risk of stroke,” said a spokesman from Storke Association, according to the DailyMail. According to him, high blood pressure is the greatest risk of stroke, and this research has indicated that potassium can reduce blood pressure.

According to scientists in Britain, they advise people to consume 3,500 milligrams of potassium per day to reduce the risk of stroke. This is in contrast with a recent study conducted at the American College of Cardiology, which stated that only about 1,600 milligrams of potassium per day are needed to reduce the risk of stroke.

The average content of potassium in bananas are 500 milligrams, so that consuming three bananas per day can be a sufficient intake of potassium. According to the researchers in Britain and Italy, if people eat more foods containing potassium, and reduce the foods that contain salt, the number of deaths from stroke will drop by more than one million people per year.

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