Eating burgers and fries can make you dumb?


Eating burgers and fries can make you dumb

It’s no secret that burgers and fries are included as a fast foods known to affect body weight. However, a recent study found a more shocking impact of eating a burger and fries.

Researchers found that eating burgers and fries, and other fast foods can reduce the ability of the brain. They got the results after observing 14-year-old students who did western diet. Students who ate a lot of burgers and fries at that age are known to have lower brain power at the age of 17 years.

In this study it was found that participants who ate the most fast foods, soft drinks, French fries, and processed meat has decreased in terms of mental ability, and the ability to focus on visual, learning, and remembering.

Meanwhile, otherwise participants who consumed more fruits and vegetables have increased cognitive abilities.

According to researcher Dr. Anett Nyaradi, this is influenced by the level of micronutrients in vegetables and fruits that can improve cognitive abilities. Meanwhile, the decreased cognitive abilities because of too many omega-6 levels in fast food.

To get maximum results in improving the ability of the brain, the body must consume omega-3 and omega-6 that are balanced. Meanwhile, if participants consume more fast food, the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 can be 1:20 or 1:25. It then impairs the ability of the hippocampus, the brain structure associated with learning and memory. This part of the brain develops when children are aged teens to young adults.

“Teenage are an important time in terms of brain development. A poor diet during adolescence will influence the ability of a person’s brain in the future,” said Dr. Nyaradi.

It’s good for teens to reduce the consumption of fast foods that are not healthy. Eating a healthy diet is essential for a healthy body and brain.