Eating Carrots Can Make This Boy’s Body Turn Orange


Leo BarnettSome of you may already know that eating carrots is good for the skin. But eating carrots or oranges will make Leo Barnett can be seen even in the dark. Intake of fruits and vegetables containing beta carotene changes the color of his skin to became bright orange.

The three-year-old boy is believed to be the only person with hyper beta-carotenemia, in which the body can not digest carotene from foods like carrots. When consuming vegetables or fruits, his body turns orange.

His condition is what made his mother, Angie, 40 years old, forced Leo to do a strict diet and eliminate all foods that contain carotenoids.

According to Angie, this disorder began to appear when Leo was at the age of six months. “He had pneumonia and we almost lose him,” he said, according to the Dailymail.

Angie added, “He experience kidney and heart failure. That is what caused us to think why his body could turn into orange. But a month later he was still orange.”

A specialist doctor once told Angie to eliminate all foods that contain lemon, but the results remained the same, the body of Leo was still orange.

After blood tests, doctors revealed that Leo has lost one of the enzymes in his liver. This means his body is no longer able to convert carotene into vitamin A, which strengthens the immune system.

Although he no longer east vegetables and fruit, many times his body still keeps carotene unintentionally.

“We are used to calling him Tango boy and Oompa Loompa because of the color of his body,” said his mother.

Excessive amount of carotene is not considered a health risk. However, Leo has a very weak immune system so that ordinary influenza can be deadly for him. Every day, Leo should be given vitamin A drops to meet the needs of the vitamins.

Despite having a rare condition, like other kids his age, Leo is a very active. “He can run and be anywhere from waking to sleep. He isĀ  a happy little boy.”