Eating lots of sweets can make you stress?


Eating lots of sweets can make you stress

During this sweet foods are considered as foods that can relieve stress. Because when you are finished eating sweet foods, then the mood or your mood will improve. That is why many people who eat chocolate or candy when they are stressed or excited.

However, a study reported by actually say the opposite. Research conducted at Emory University in Atlanta, United States found that a lot of eating sweet foods not only cause your weight increases, but also even more stressful and depression.

“Foods that are high in sugar or fructose able to stimulate pathways in the brain that affect how you are to respond to stress. As a result, the stress will worsen and accompanied by anxiety,” Constance said Harrell, one of the researchers. “This we discovered when we examined mice that we give a lot of sweets for 10 weeks. The results of these mice produce more stress hormones or cortisol.”

In addition to these results, the study also found that eating sweet foods will lead to serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension, renal impairment, diabetes, and even dementia. Therefore, when you’re stressed, you should switch your stress with physical activity rather than eating chocolate, sweet cakes, or candy.