Eating meat makes men look more masculine?


Researchers from Bellarmine University, Louisville, Kentucky, found that men think eating meat can make them look more manly.

The study, published in the Men and masculinity journal suggests that meat-eating is associated with ‘masculinity, power, and maturity.

“There is a group of adult men who consume more meat to show their manhood. Eating meat is derived patriarchy and ultimately associated with maturity, strength and virility,” explained Professor Hank Rothgerber, as reported by the Daily Mail.

This was found by researchers after they surveyed 125 psychology students at early stage and 89 other students for the second time. The participants was around their early 20’s.

Not only that, researchers from the University of British Columbia also revealed that vegetarian men are considered weak and less macho than men who ate meat. It is even approved by vegetarian women. Even so, men vegetarian seen better and virtuous than those who eat meat.

Research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania and Brian Wansink of Cornell University last year also shows that most consumers consider meat American diet are related with masculinity, strong traditions, macho, muscular and strong.

So, more and more men eats meat then they will look more macho. Do you agree with the above results?