Eating proteins at breakfast can make you slim


Eating proteins at breakfast can make you slimBreakfast with eggs or meat-rich protein is able to help you stay slim and rarely snack, according to a new research.

Researchers from the University of Missouri precisely located the fact if protein during breakfast can improve appetite control. So unhealthy snacking habits at night can be prevented.

“With a breakfast full of protein, the risk of obesity could be lowered and could hel those who are overweight to get thin,” said Heather Leidy, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Leidy first analyzed the effects of food consumed during breakfast on appetite throughout the day and the evening snacking habits.

In the study, 20 obese adult women aged 18-20 years were asked to have a breakfast with eggs and lean meats. Researchers then performed brain scans using MRI to determine the diet of respondents.

Apparently the protein in breakfast can increase satisfaction or satiety. In addition, the reduction of the brain responsible for controlling appetite and snacking join react.

Someone who is used to skip breakfast may feel strange if they have to eat protein in the morning. However Leidy conveyed that it would take three days to get used to.

Future studies will be conducted to determine whether a high protein intake at breakfast can make a person control weight. While the research by Leidy and his team was reported in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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