Eating While Doing Other Activities Makes You Fat


eating while workingDo you like to eating lunch while browsing the Internet in the office? If you do so, then prepare to gain some weight.

Scientists from the University of Bristol UK found an association between concentration and appetite. The research was conducted by dividing respondents into two groups: the first group ate while playing solitaire card game on the computer and the second group ate without interruption.

“The effect was immediate,” said chief researcher Dr. Jeff Brunstrom, according to the Daily Mail. After eating, both groups were treated with chocolate biscuits. The result, in half an hour, the group who ate in front of the computer snacked on biscuits two times more than the group who ate without interruption.

This study used nine different menus to ensure that the effect comes fro m how they eat, not the food. At the end of the study session, the group who ate in front of the computer also had trouble remembering what they just ate.

Brunstrom conclude that eating while doing other activities encourage someone to snack or eat again some time later. Because, they have a lower memory about the foods they eaten. “In the end, it has a significant impact for obesity,” he said.

These results confirm previous research, which examines the impact of eating while watching television. “Memory and eating behaviors affect our food portions,” says Brunstrom.