Eating With Chopsticks Can Make You Slim


eating with chopstick lose weightThere are many methods and techniques that you can do to make your body slim. It was previously even found that getting enough sleep can help people lose weight. If different types of diets had been done and did not succeed, maybe you should try a Manhattan woman diet style.

Manhattan is an area in New York which is famous for its delicious foods. But, the women are also known to have slim bodies. What’s the secret? It turned out that they rely on chopsticks for controlling meal portions. This was stated by Eileen Daspin, author of “The Manhattan Diet”.

She has a principle that you can follow which is ‘taste everything but eats almost nothing’. Most people who wants to lose weight tend to choose foods that can burn calories. But by using chopsticks, Daspin and her friends always tries different foods in small bites. So, they can taste many foods in small portions without having to finish them all.

Daspin also suggested, not to be afraid to taste foods that you really want to try. But, make sure the portions are not too much. Then, try to avoid tempting snacks at home.

Another slimming trick from Daspin that you can also try is to add a little milk in a glass of green tea. “This trick could make a sense of melting ice cream in green tea,” said Daspin, as quoted by the New York Post.

Green tea can make the body more slender and also contain antioxidants, have a more delicious flavor. Also form the habit of always buying food in small portions.

“With large portions of food you are likely to finish them all, even though your stomach is full. It certainly could be a ‘big enemy’ for weight loss,” said Daspin.