Efective Method to Overcome Mouth Ulcers



Often experience ulcers on your tongue or lips? Ulcers is one of the health problems in the oral cavity that is most frequently encountered.

Usually, ulcers starts with inflammation in the oral cavity area. For example, the advent of dry and chapped lips.

In essence, mouth ulcers are wound in the mouth in the form of a reddish concave spherical. When touched by food, ulcers will hurt.

Although ulcers are often encountered by some people, but it can be prevented and cured. Here are some method to prevent and treat ulcers according to prevention.

1. Avoid acidic and sweet foods 
Acid can irritate ulcers more, causing a burning sensation and prolong the healing process. Keep in mind that bacteria in the mouth also converts sugar into acid. It is one of the main causes of tooth decay, but may also lead to ulcers.

2. Changing the toothpaste
According to Mayo Clinic, toothpaste and mouth rinses containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or a foaming agent commonly used can trigger ulcers in some people. Therefore, it is better to change to SLS-free toothpastes.

3. Gargling with salt water.
Salt cleans, helps heal and stop the pain of mouth ulcers.

4. Baking soda
Baking soda is alkaline which helps neutralize acids in the mouth while cleaning and soothing ulcers at the same time. Use one teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water and gargle several times a day for a few minutes.

5. Gargling with hydrogen peroxide.
Gargling with hydrogen peroxide can treat ulcers. Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic that can help overcome mouth ulcers and promote healing.

6. Nagnesium milk
Magnesium milk or magnesium hydroxide are known only as a solution to overcome heartburn and constipation. Well, it turns out that milk of magnesia also help in overcoming ulcers.