Effective Way to Reduce Panic


panicHave you ever felt stress, panic and shortness of breath? This condition by a team of researchers  from Southern Methodist University in Texas, United States, could be included is a panic disorder.

In facing this situation, many suggest to take a deep breath. But according to the research team, that is not the appropriate thing to do. To overcome panic and stress, they advised people to take breath slowly and short.

“For some people taking a breath deeply (hyperventilation) during panic, it could be a bad idea. That’s because hyperventilation occurs when people are breathing faster and deeper so that they emit very high levels of carbon dioxide,” said Alicia Meuret, one of the researchers according to LiveScience.

“In turn, this condition causes symptoms such as dizziness and numbness. Symptoms tend to make people feel like choking, so they breathe faster and deeper and exacerbate the sense of panic,” she said.

So, if you experience panic attack, do not immediately take deep breath. Try to breathe slowly and short to avoid worsening the panic.