Eight Hereditary Disease That Are Difficult to Prevent


albino Health TipsEveryone surely wants a healthy body and free from all diseases. But some specific diseases can not be prevented because they are genetic diseases which are inherited.

Hereditary disease is a genetic disorder inherited from parents to their children. But there are parents who only act as a carrier and the disease will only appear when triggered by environment and lifestyle.

As quoted from the International Bioscience, Friday (16/4/2010) there are someĀ  serious hereditary diseases because it can be lowered to the next generation.

There are some hereditary diseases that are automatically inherited to the child or the next generation, namely:

1. Haemophilia
Haemophilia is one hereditary diseases due to deficiency of blood clotting factor 8 or 9. the blood clots commands are inn the X chromosome, so hemophilia patients are mostly men. Because the majority of women as carriers only. The disease is difficult to prevent because every child has one sex chromosome from the mother and one sex chromosome from the father, therefor the disease is always begins from childhood.

2. Color blindness
Color blindness is one of a vision problem which is the inability to see the differences between some colors, the disease is inherited from the X chromosome genetic mutation Most of these diseases due to genetic factors, but some caused damage to the eyes, nerves or brain due to certain chemicals. Mutation causes color blindness if there are at least 19 different chromosomes and 56 different genes. This condition can occur during childhood or as an adult.

3. Diabetes mellitus
Diabetes mellitus have a strong relationship with hereditary. The disease is characterized by high blood sugar levels caused by insulin in the body that can not work optimally. Someone who has uhman leukocyte antigen / HLA in their blood obtained from the parents will have a strong tendency to develop type 1 diabetes.

While type 2 diabetes is also a hereditary disease which will appear in the next generation if there are other problems that accompany like obesity, hypertension or an unhealthy lifestyle that interfere with the function of beta cells in the body.

4. Thalassemia
Thalassemia is a blood disorder due to hemoglobin in the blood very easily broken. This disease is genetically inherited when both parents are carriers. As a result of this blood disorder, children look pale and must get regular blood transfusions so that the hemoglobin remains normal. Based on law of Mendel, if the mother is a carrier, there is a 25 percent of the children to be healthy, 50 percent to be a carrier, and 25 percent to be infected with thalassemia.

5. Baldness
As it is known that baldness is caused by many things, but one of them could also result from parents’ genetics. If the father had suffered hair loss, then at least one of the children are experiencing hair loss caused by inherited genes.

Dr. Angela Christiano, professor of dermatology and genetics at Columbia University Medical Center discovered a gene that causes hair thinning and may even feel the effect when still a child. It is know that the APCDD1 gene that causes hair follicles shrinks so that more and more hair is loss.

6. Allergy
Most allergies are caused by heredity. If both parents has allergies, then there is a chance of about 70 percent of children will have allergies as well. But if only one person who is allergic, then this risk factor could be decreased by about 30 percent.

7. Albino
Albino is one hereditary disease when the child has an albino gene from the father and mother. Most people with an albino is born from parents who have the disorder in terms of melanin production, but in people are carriers, signs of having an albino gene is not shown. One who only act as a carrier or have one albino gene, should not marry someone who has an albino.

8. Asthma
Asthma can occur when triggered by the existence of a nearby allergens. In addition about 30 percent of asthma are inherited by the parents. But in some people with well controlled asthma, it will disappear when approaching adulthood.

One way to prevent these diseases dropped to the next generation is to do a complete examination before marriage. Because this examination will show whether they have hereditary disease gene or not so they can prepare to face it.