Electronic Cigarette – The Next Smokeless Chapter on Quitting Smoking


Well folks, the revolutionary electronic cigarette is still on sale, despite many attempts to ban or limit the device. Like everything in life, the electronic cigarette is sure to have its pros and cons, its supporters and it’s knockers but there seems to be no doubt now, that when they hear about its potential, people want to give it a try.

Smoking kills. We have known that for years and years but ideas and methods of quitting smoking (apart from good old will power) have been pretty slow to become a reality, with many ideas being quickly abandoned as hopeless by smokers the world over. However, it’s probably fair to say that the majority of smokers would indeed love to quit the smoking habit, but nothing has come close to really helping with the addiction side of things. At least, nothing that smokers have formed a concensus on.

When the electronic cigarette burst onto the scene just a few short years ago, many people laughed and mocked, thinking it to be just another pointless gimmick. Another marketing oppurtunity to make a quick buck. The e cig is still here though, and more and more people are hearing about other smokers who have tried it and love it, as they eliminate their tobacco intake completely. Prices are becoming more competitive and the issues surrounding the saftey of the e cigarette are mostly unfounded and seem to be being largely ignored.

An electric cigarette, according to manufacturers and distributors contains no tobacco at all and none of the harmful toxins associated with tobacco. Nicotine is present but this can be reduced as quickly or as gradually as the smoker wishes, thanks to a removable and replaceable cartridge system. The smoke that comes from the realistic looking cigarette device is not actually smoke at all but an odourless vapour, so no more clothes stinking of smoke!

Smokers who have turned to the electronic cigarette in the hope of being able to quit regular cigarettes are widely delighted with the product and many have smoked their last ever tobacco cigarette. There are other advantages of trading in the old regular cigarette for the e cigarette such as being able to smoke in public places, such as pubs, offices and even on aeroplanes! Because of course, there is no actual smoke coming from them, they are not included in the same public ban as tobacco cigarettes.