Electronic Cigarettes Are Not Safe


Electronic CigarettesElectronic cigarettes, which are sold freely in shops or in the Internet, turned out to be insecure and quite risky. These risks not only affect the smoker, but also for the environment around the smokers. Researchers at the University of California examined five brands of electronic cigarette and found many problems.

When a smoker smokes electronic cigarettes, aerosol brings nicotine to the lungs of the smokers. After that, the remaining aerosols are released into the environment. Unfortunately, the cigarettes’ label does not state its chemical contained in the aerosol. “As a result, some believe that electronic cigarette is a safe substitute for conventional cigarettes,” said Prue Talbot, director of the University of California Riverside’s Stem Cell Center, who led the study.

Talbot, a professor of cell biology and neuroscience, with Anna Trtchounian found some problems. Leak cartridges can spread nicotine and addictive chemicals that are harmful to children, adults, pets, and environment.

In addition, there is no method for disposal of electronic cigarette products and its accessories, including contamination of nicotine from the cartridge, which can poison water sources and soil.