‘Electronic Skin’ to Monitor the Condition of Patients


electronic skin tattooAs a patient, certainly they will not be convenient if their body are attached to a lot of cables that connects with heart monitors. According to the findings of an international team, published by the Science journal, patient will feel more comfortable, and will not feel stress if the cables were reduced or eliminated.

This is the basis for the manufacture of ‘electronic skin‘. That is a tool to monitor the health of patients, with a very simple form. John Rogers and co-researcher, Dae-Hyuong Kim, from the University of Illinois, has developed this tool for years.

“We tried to form, and recreate a similar electronic equipment which is similar to the human body. In this case resembles the skin layers,” said John A. Rogers, according to the Telegraph.

Researchers embed electronic sensors in thin film which diameter is smaller than a human hair. Sensors are placed on the polyester material like used for temporary tattoos. The result is flexible enough to move a sensor on the skin, and without adhesive.

Researchers uncover this equipment can be attached up to 24 hours. But, Rogers said that when normal skin cells flake off, the tool does not function. The duration of exfoliation is usually every two weeks.

According Zhenqiang Ma, a professor of engineering at the University of Wisconsin, the tool allows the monitoring of health condition much easier, and more reliable. That’s because the ‘electronic skin’ can be easily attached to the skin like an adhesive bandage.