Emotional health is indicated by these three things!

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Emotional healthAs with mental health problems which shows certain symptoms, a healthy mental state also have some signs. Being mentally healthy does not mean a person does not have a problem. But people who have a healthy mental respond to problems differently to people who have mental problems.

Here are three signs that someone has a good emotional health, as reported by the Third Age (06/05).

1. Patience
The first thing that shows emotional health is a sense of patience. Person’s ability to wait for something or facing something he/she does not like without becoming angry or raging. When facing with adversity, those who have patience respond calmly and are not easy to protest. Even so, patient also has its limits. When a person feels already reaches the limits of patience, they will try to do something, but certainly in a way that has to be considered.

The difference between patient and being passive is very different. People who have patience know when to move and when to wait. At certain cases, acting is better than just waiting patiently.

2. Frank
The second sign of emotional health is forthright attitude. Frankly is a result of their belief in truth, while those who are frankly are usually not afraid to show the truth. Most people are afraid to come clean because they are afraid of rejection or the views of other people who do not agree.

But people with good emotional health dare to say what really happened with the frank and objective view. Most likely this is going to invite a lot of responses from many people, but if you can show that this view is objective without any tendency, then everyone else would understand.

3. Flexible
The third thing that shows that you have good emotional health is the ability to change or adapt every time there is a change in life. Being flexible in this regard does not mean you have to be a chameleon and have no identity.

Flexible is when a person can face the challenges in front of them without fear. They’re not being too rigid to deal with changes that are good for their next issue. People who have emotional health will remain motivated to reach their dreams despite facing a very steep road. People who do not have the flexibility will be disturbed mentally when faced with many changes in life. This then lead to depression, stress, and others.

If you have three signs above, it means you have the mental and emotional health that is good. Emotional health makes you brave and free to meet people in life. They are not burdened with problems in the past and always ready to face challenges of the future.

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