Emphysema Can Cause Death

Cigarette is not only harmful to the active smokers, but also can have a negative effect for those who do not smoke. Cigarette smoke is a major cause of emphysema, a disease that attacks the lungs elasticity and can cause death.

Emphysema (emphysema) is a chronic lung disease characterized by damage to lung tissue, so the lungs lose keelastisannya. The fact that children who used to smoke cigarettes in the home are at risk of disease emphysema. Inhalation of cigarette smoke is not completely lost from the lungs of children. As adults, exposure to cigarette smoke is a forerunner of disease emphysema.

In industrial countries, the waste incurred often cause environmental pollution and pollution. Coupled with the smoking problem can lead to emphysema. Disease that attacks the lungs become number nine  among the chronic diseases that can cause interference activities. Emphysema present in 65 percent of men and 15 percent of women. This is because many men who consumed cigarettes. Not only adults, children are routinely exposed to secondhand smoke have a risk of emphysema disease in adulthood.

A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, also said that inhaled cigarette smoke in childhood has a more powerful effect than the effect of pregnant women who inhale cigarette smoke. More emphysema found in low socioeconomic groups, perhaps because of differences in smoking patterns, but it may be due to environmental and economic factors become worst. Pulmonary emphysema is a chronic disease. Occurred gradually over a period of years.

Factors Causes and Symptoms

Emphysema is a lung anatomical changes are characterized by abnormal widening of the distal airways terminal bronchi, accompanied by alveolar wall destruction. Cigarette is the cause of pulmonary emphysema. Usually in patients 15-25 years old smokers. At the age of 25-35 years began to feel a change in the small respiratory and pulmonary function. Age 35-45 years of productive cough arises. At the age of 45-55 years occurred shortness of breath, hipoksemia and spirometri changes. At the age of 55-60 years had no casualties which can cause pulmonary failure of breath and died.

The main factors of the cause of emphysema is cigarette because it is a pathological disorder that can cause movement of the cilia in the airway, blocking the function of alveolar macrophages, causing hypertrophy and hyperplasia of mucus glands bromkus. After the cigarette industry and air pollutants can also cause emphysema. Besides smoking and air pollution, the presence of infection in this respirator can also be a trigger emphysema. Because respiratory infections will lead to more severe lung damage.

There are caused by genetic factors, and some are caused by lung diseases that previously had been suffered by the patient.

Respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia, acute and bronkiolitis asthma can lead bronkiale eventually lead to emphysema. Pulmonary disease specialist explained, the disease is not only attacking those who smoke. Emphysema can also attack those who do not smoke that often inhale the smoke from the environment where they are. Therefore, the high awareness needed for the smokers so they do not smoke in any place.

Emphysema caused symptoms similar to symptoms caused lung disease in general. Emphysema does not just show up. Emphysema may take many years and early symptoms can easily be misinterpreted. Emphysema symptoms to watch out for in between coughs and exit sputum (phlegm) in large numbers. The patient breath was short, there are even some noise and easy to fatigue. Physical changes will be very obvious. This is usually indicated by the patient’s chest that looks more convex the fore because of lung trouble to remove the air. Emphysema may also cause the ribs to shift and become loose distance.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The main treatment will be dedicated to reduce the patient’s shortness of breath. It aims to help remove CO2 and oxygen into the lungs. To salve the drug itself breath breath salve medicine itself is usually a doctor will provide an inhaler or inhaled medication to the patient.¬† Giving oxygen and atropine is sometimes necessary to reduce shortness of breath.

In some cases, surgery can help. Lung volume reduction operations, where the lung area most affected by emphysema issued to help the parts of healthy lung function normally, may be helpful in some patients. Patients may also receive a lung transplant.
Emphysema is incurable, but the factors can be eliminated and the rate of growth can be slowed if detected early and stop smoking. With proper treatment, many patients can eliminate the smoking habit when matched with their work patterns. People suffering from emphysema must be more extra longer maintain healthy lungs. Patients do not need to reduce their daily activities, so he can work like any other healthy people, but the constraints may be found where the body will easily feel tired.

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