Enjoy Work For Longevity


enjoy workMany people say that if you want longevity, you must reduce the busy work, cope with stress and exercising regularly. But it’s not always true.

A study conducted in the United States, actually found the opposite. Two psychologists, Dr. Howard Friedman and Dr. Leslie Martin analyzed 1,500 death certificate of boys and girls who are part of the previous research project, in the 1920s.

In that study, it is known that the personality traits and lifestyle choices of people that lived long and not. Dr. Friedman and Martin then tracked what happens the children who were involved in the research of Dr. Lewis Terman, precisely in 1921.

They conducted interviews in some people who are still alive. Then, created a complete catalog which contains those who are still alive and well, including those who had died.

Although many died in their 60s, there are also those who lived healthy into old age. The surprising thing is, the two psychologists found that people lived long not because they eat broccolis, vitamins or run regularly.

Personality condition, enjoying career, and a quality of social of life appears to have more obvious relevance in long-term health conditions. Including having a large social network, engaging in physical activity that is naturally of interesting to you and not feel ‘obliged’ to exercise.

Feel needed in a community, a happy married life and friendship, based on research, also makes a person have longer life.

“Many people spend money on diet and short-term treatment, but are rather disappointed because it on gives little impact on long-term health,” Friedman said, according to the Daily Mail.

So, make social life and your work become a fun activity. Remember, health not only depends on physical condition, but also psychological.