Enjoying Your Flight With Your Baby


Travelling with a baby using a plane for the first time is no doubt an unforgettable experience. But you do not have to experience a miserable trip. With the right preparation, traveling with your little baby can go well.

Here are some things that must be prepared before flying with a baby, as published in She Knows.

Stick to your baby’s regular schedule
Try to schedule your trip departure on your baby’s bedtime routine. That way the baby will fall asleep at least during part of the trip.

“I suggest not to disturb your baby’s sleeping time before flight. Do not disturb your baby’s sleep hoping that your baby would fall asleep during the flight. Often this will become a boomerang,” said associate professor of clinical pediatrics at Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, Daniel R Bronfin, MD.

Flight time
Catharine Shaner, MD, FAAP, a pediatrician does not recommend that parents to choose flight that are full. Often bustling atmosphere makes the baby become more fussy.

Confirm their itinerary with the airline to request special seating needed. “Some airlines do not provide and often without a bulkhead seat near the emergency exit. Emergency exit row is usually forbidden for those who bring infants and children.”

If you do not get a bulkhead seat, asked to be placed in the ‘noisy’ spot. “Most airlines do it. But if not, ask it. The machine noise in the center will curb some baby crying sounds and vibrations seem to make babies fall asleep faster,” said Phoebe Dey who often travels with toddlers.

When the plane takes off or lands breastfeed your infants, give milk bottle avoid pressure in the middle ear that hurts.

Items should be brought
There are several things that must be taken on the way with your sons and daughters who are still babies. In addition to your own suitcase, carry the baby bag that can be carried anywhere, preferably in the form of a backpack.

– Some diapers, wipes and rash prevention cream during the trip.
– Pouch for storing dirty diapers, especially if you use cloth diapers.
– Hands sanitizers, so they can wash their hands when there is no access to water.
– Bottles and extra pacifiers.
– The baby blanket for warmth and privacy when you are breastfeeding.
– One or two sets of a change of clothes for the baby. You can use it when the air temperature is cold or too hot.
– Extra tops for you, to keep your wet clothes when breastfeeding.
– Spray or wipes with disinfectant to clean the surface where you will lay your baby down.
– A bottle of water to mix the formula mil and for you to stay hydrated. Be sure to ask for warm water to heat the formula milk or breast milk.
– A bowl and spoon to eat when the baby is eating solid food as a snack.
– Cloth to wipe spills or spit.
– Bags that contain dairy milk bottle.
– Some toys to entertain the baby.

With all the preparation, you are ready to enjoy a fun trip with your baby.

Dengan semua persiapan itu, Anda siap menikmati perjalanan menyenangkan bersama buah hati.