Enriched Formula Milk Can Cause Obesity in Babies


enriched formula milk obesity riskBabies given a lot of formula milk tend to be obese when they are five years old. That’s according to  a research teams from the MRC Childhood Nutrition Research Centre at University College London, England.

The research shows that excessive weight gain in babies may make them have health problems. Risk of experiencing diseases including heart disease and diabetes.

The study found that babies given milk rich in protein, vitamins and other nutrients have 22 percent to 38 percent more fat compared to babies who do not consume formula milk.

Researchers believe that enriched formula milk contains more calories and could lead to weight gain during the important growth phase. Previous research also shows 20 percent of obesity in adults are probably caused by excess nutrients or an increase in excess body weight when they were babies.

“This study actually supports breastfeeding because there will not be any excess nutrients if the baby is given breast milk. The issue of the best way to feed the child should be evaluated based on current evidence,” said Professor Atul Singhal, head researcher, according to Daily Mail.

Researchers observed two studies which are randomized, controlled, and double-blind (the researcher and the mother does not know the type of milk given). The study involved a small newborn babies at a local hospitals in Cambridge, Nottingham, Leicester and Glasgow, UK.