Estrogen Hormones Accelerate Wound Healing


The older a person’s age, the body’s ability to regenerate cells and heal wounds declines. As a result, wound care requires a longer time and more expensive costs in order to recover.

Doctors are now finding the answers to this problem. A cream containing estrogen hormones is said to be able to accelerate wound healing. Approximately 200,000 people in the UK, mostly over the age of 65 years old had an open wound from diabetes, nerve and circulatory damage such as ulcers that are difficult to cure.

Treatment is generally costly and take many months, there are even some that can not be cured at all.

Although the actual cause is not yet known, it is estimated this is because the cells are not well coordinated to allow tissue recovery. University of Manchester researchers have found that a female hormone, estrogen – naturally presented in men and women – play an important role in wound healing.

Estrogen levels in men and women decreases with increasing age as part of the natural aging process. Declining estrogen levels affect the elasticity of the skin and alter the body’s response to infection and inflammation.

“There is a big difference between genes of┬áthose who are still young and those of the elderly,” said Dr Matthew Hardman, senior researcher at Manchester University Health Centre Foundation, who did the groundbreaking studies.

These findings promises new treatments. However, patients can not simply be given hormone estrogen because of its side effects that increase the risk of cancer. “We searched and tested treatments that use similar materials but without the side effects like estrogen,” he said as quoted by the Daily Mail.