Every year, thousands of men are hospitalized because of zippers


zipper tragedyAll men certainly knows how much it hurts when they squeezed the genitals pants on their zipper.

A study found that at least 17,616 men were ran into the Emergency room because of ‘zipper tragedy’ from 2002 until 2010. It occurs in men or boys.

At least a study published in the Journal of the British Assocition of Urogogical Surgeons shows that the number of accidents caused by zippers are stable every year. So, there is no spread or an increase in the number of the accidents every year.

C Alexis Madrigal explains that there are tricks that can be done to prevent the tragedy of a man’s zipper. They could use pants that uses buttons instead of zippers. However, spending 45 minutes in the bathroom just for buttoning pants seem to be very tiring.

Meanwhile, Dr. Steve M Selbts, professor at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia offers some tips if a zipper accident happened to you.

“I’ve handled this type of case a few times. The trick is just use mineral oil on the genital organs and zippers. Then leave it for 20-30 minutes. After that, you will notice that the skin has separated itself from the zipper, though sometimes you need cotton to help it out, ” Said Selbts , as reported by the Huffington Post (19/03).

In addition to these suggestions, it helps to be careful and not rush when urinating and pulling zippers. Being careful is the key to avoid a ‘zipper tragedy’.