Everyday Objects That Can Trigger Cancer


everyday object triggers cancerBisphenol A (BPA) compound, which is often found in plastics  is known as one of the triggers of cancer. Apparently, some everyday objects contains these harmful compounds.

Besides being able to trigger cancer, BPA is also often associated with various other health disorders. Among them are heart attacks, nerve damage, diabetes impotence, and even death.

In making polymers plastic as well as calculating machines, BPA had been used since a long time ago. But the new health threat only began to be a serious concern since these organic compounds are also found in canned food.

Well, here are some examples of everyday objects that contain BPA, according to CBS News.

1. Shopping receipt
Shopping is receipt printed on thermal paper, which is made by using a mixture of BPA. The same type of paper is used to print movie tickets, and other evidence of transactions.

This content was found in a study published in the Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry journal September 2010 edition. If accumulated up to a certain amount, BPA in those papers can lead to impotence.

2. Dental fillings
Research at Mount Sunai School of Medicine in New York revealed that some types of fillings for cavities contain BPA. The compounds that can get loose when reacted to saliva.

However, the study revealed that the levels are quite safe even in young children. But pregnant women are advised to be vigilant and should consult a doctor.

3. Pizza wrap
Some pizza restaurants wrap their pizza with cardboard made of thermal paper. As mentioned above, thermal paper is a source of BPA that could lead to impotence.

4. Soft drinks
The threat of obesity and dental cavities are often warned by health experts about soft drinks. Now there is one more reason to reduce consumption of soft drinks, because the can packaging proved to have a plastic coating that contains BPA.

5. Toilet paper
A recent study in Denmark revealed that many toilet papers are made from recycled paper. In processing, manufacturers sometimes uses a type of paper that contain BPA.

6. Canned foods
Just like soft drinks, canned foods are also packed with a plastic coating that contains BPA. Numerous studies have revealed the existence of the coating on canned products containing tuna, fruits, vegetables and others.

7. Wine
On one hand, wine has health benefits because it contains antioxidants that prevents cancer and premature aging. But on the other hand, wine in particular is fermented in barrels with a certain plastic lining  can be contaminated with BPA which ironically lead to cancer.