Exercise at young age prevent senile at old age


Exercise at young age prevent senile at old ageWhile still young, diligently exercise because the activity will not only keep you healthy but also very beneficial when you get old. This was ensured by a new study that states that maintaining an active lifestyle since childhood would be beneficial for brain health when people get old.

The team of researchers from King’s College London found that people who have a lifetime of diligently exercising score better while working on a cognitive test at the age of 50 years compared to their peers whose lifestyles do not do much exercise or do not move much.

The findings, published in the Psychological Medicine journal, is based on data from 9,000 men and women who took part in the National Child Developmen Study in 1958. Participants in this study provided an independent report relating LTPA (leisure-time physical activity) several times during the study period when the participants were aged 11, 16, 33, 42, 46 and 50 years.

Then when all the participants were at the age of 50 years, the researchers asked them to carry out a cognitive test. From there, researchers found that participants who admitted engaging in physical activity at least four days a week to five times or more, are known to have better test scores than participants who did not report the same thing.

“LTPA of participants with low frequency and intensity are also associated with cognitive function, especially in middle or late adulthood, for both men and women. While the greatest benefits arise from participation in an intensive LTPA over a lifetime,” said researcher as reported huffingtonpost.

Moreover, a number of other studies have confirmed the truth of this. One of them suggests that regular exercise with a short duration has been able to deliver real benefits for the brain.

Another study presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in 2012 also suggest that intense physical exercise with intervals twice a week for four months is associated with improved cognitive function test scores.

A study published in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise  journal showed regular exercise every day can help prevent brain atrophy or shrinkage of the brain that normally occur with aging.

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