Exercise Increase Appetite


Thinking about exercise would make a person eat 50 percent more than their normal portions, according to a study conducted at Cornell University, USA.

Researchers link the conclusion that the theory of ‘gift’ of the unconscious. When a desire to exercise appears, a person tends to have wanted to give a gift to themselves to eat more.

It happens unconsciously, though in the end they did not do the exercise. “Just by imagining exercise, someone already leads to eating more,” said Brian Wansink, lead researcher, according to the Times of India.

Researchers involved three groups of respondents. One group read a scenario describing they are running for 30 minutes while listening to music. One group read a scenario about a tiring exercise. And, the other group read a scenario that is not related to exercise.

Researchers then gave a treat to the respondents with a number of sweet snacks. They say it is as a reward for taking the time to read the scenario, without telling the true purpose of the study.

The result, almost all members of the first and second groups of snacks consumed 58.9 percent moresnacks 51.9 percent more, than the last group member.

Those who read the scenario of tiring exercise also tend to take higher calories than those who read the scenario of running while listening to music.

The results might want to emphasize that without a balanced diet exercise is useless. Because, unconsciously, exercise actually increase sone’s appetite. So the key, exercise and control of nutrient intake for a healthy slim body.