Exercise is able to ‘protect’ the sense of smell


Exercise is able to 'protect' the sense of smellExercise not only nourish the body, but also lowers the risk of loss of smell in elderly, this is according to a new research.

In the study involving 1,600 respondents aged 53-97 years, experts monitored the condition of the elderly for 10 years. They tested the sense of smell by asking respondents to smell aroma of chocolate and coffee as well as to do physical activity.

The result showed that as many as 28 percent of respondents decreased sense of smell. It was apparently influenced by the exercise performed.

“Seniors who exercise once a week can reduce the risk of decreased olfactory acuity, ” said the researchers, as quoted from Live Science.

Including the importance of senses of smell which should be maintained. Because it helps the human senses to detect toxic compounds and enjoy food.

It is unclear why exercise can protect the sense of smell of the elderly. But the researchers speculate that physical activity nourish the body as well as brain function which is the control center of all important organs and senses.

The results then reported in JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery .

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