Exercise is Effective to Fight Cancer


exercise cancerRegular exercise such as walking, swimming, and cycling is beneficial for body fitness. You need to know, there are miraculous efficacy of regular physical exercise, namely to cure cancer.

A study revealed that cancer patients who exercise regularly during and after treatment have higher survival rates.

The call for diligent exercise was stated by Macmillan Cancer Support. According to the Times of India, cancer patients should diligently exercise. And, every doctor is recommended to prescribe exercise as part of cancer treatment.

A review of more than 60 studies. On average the study found that being active during treatment does not worsen the health of cancer patients, it does not cause fatigue, and even have positive effect on mood and happiness.

After treatment is completed, exercise can reduce the impact of side effects, such as swelling, anxiety, depression, fatigue while moving, disturbance and changes in weight.

The study for charity also found that women with breast cancer who exercise for 150 minutes per week with a moderate intensity, experienced 40 percent decreased risk of death and recurrence of disease compared with women who are active less than one hour a week.

Macmillan Cancer Support also found that more than half of doctors, nurses, oncology cancer nurses and was never informed about the benefits of exercise for cancer patients.

“If physical exercise is a cure, it will be the headline,” said Jane Maher of Macmillan Cancer Support.

“Changes of the culture is needed so that health professionals view physical activity as an integral part of the aftercare of cancer, not just an additional option,” she said.