Exercising every day cuts the risk of breast cancer!


exercise reduce breast cancer risks

Health tipsExercise have been proven to be able to make the body healthy and fit. Recently, a research also suggests that regular exercise may prevent strokes in women. Now, researchers once again revealed a huge benefit that can be obtained by exercising every day, which is avoidance of breast cancer.

Although the effect of exercise can vary depending on the type of tumor and each person’s health, but a new research reveals that exercise and an active lifestyle can help a lot of women of all ages to prevent breast cancer. These results were obtained after examining 37 researches, as reported by HealthDay News.

“There are many studies linking exercise with breast cancer risk We are confident that our results are quite accurate,” said researcher Mathieu Boniol of the Prevention Research Institute in Lyon, France.

The research was conducted by analyzing data from about four million women . When compared, women who have an active lifestyle and exercises every day have a risk of breast cancer up to 12 percent lower. The study also revealed that exercise can help women ward off breast cancer, regardless of their age and weight.

This study is very important for women, especially young women in order for them to get used to exercising early. Exercise not only prevent breast cancer, but also other types of cancer and heart disease.

Boniol explained that although breast cancer can be very aggressive, but it still can be prevented with regular exercise and an active lifestyle. Boniol also emphasized that exercise is the most convenient and inexpensive way to prevent breast cancer and other diseases.

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