Experiencing blue lips? Beware of heart disease


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Heart disease has long been known to be one of the top cause of death in the world. But do not worry, the disease can be prevented and it also has signs that can be detected early.

Signs of someone having heart disease can also be seen from one’s physical appearance. One example is that the risks of heart disease can be seen from the color of the lips.

If someone has blue lips, this could be a sign that the blood is not flowing oxygen because the heart does not function properly.

According to the Daily Mail, a person with lips that had a bluish tinge or a blue line may suffer from undiagnosed heart problems that cause poor blood circulation.

Dr Adam Simon from Manchester explains that because the work of the heart is not maximum, the bright red color  of blood turns dark, which makes the color of the skin and lips looks blue.

Not only that, blue lips seen in infants can also be signs of child heart problems.

Naturally, children with heart defects problems can be detected easily by the blue color on the child’s body.

However, it can also be asymptomatic bluish. Usually known by physicians while checking the heart rate of children. Other signs may also be shortness of breath, quickly tired, complaining of pain in the chest, and frequent fainting.

If all the signs of heart disease is on you or those close to you, immediately consult a physician in order to ascertain whether it is heart disease or not. And later can be given treatment if there are signs of heart disease.