Eye Exercises To Avoid Wearing Glasses


eye exercisesEye exercises can help strengthen your sense of vision to avoid the use of visual aids like glasses. There are at least three exercises that is good for healthy eyes.

Eye exercises are needed to avoid the use of glasses. In fact, people with cylindrical eyes, convergence insufficiency and a weak eye muscles can feel the great benefits of eye exercises.

Doing eye exercises not only improve vision, but can also reduce problems caused by eye strain, such as headaches. eye exercises do not require a long time and can be done almost anywhere.

Well, here are 3 types of exercises that have health benefits for your eyes.

1. 20-20-20
The 20-20-20 exercise can help the eye to focus and relax when you’re feeling tense. To perform this exercise, you can simply set the time to do certain things within 20 minutes, for example, look at a certain thing for 20 minutes.

For every 20 minutes do a the same task, then take 20 seconds to concentrate on other objects, a distance of at least 20 feet (6 meters) from you.

This lets your eyes relax and focus for a short time and return to previous activity with a clearer vision.

2. Eye Rolling
Similarly to shoulder or leg stretching, rotating the eyeball can make your eyes relax again. This exercise can also improve circulation, which also allows increased amount of nutrients and oxygen flow to the eye area.

According to Chinese Holistic Health Exercises, eye rolling exercises can be done in a sitting or lying position. Open your eyes and turn it clockwise at least 20 times. Blink a few times and then repeat in the opposite direction.

3. Focus distance
Focus exercises on a distance can repair and rebuild your vision. After a long time the eyes focus on objects at close range, such as seeing a computer, television, documents or other objects, take a few minutes each day to get out of the room which allows your eyes to see with a focus on distant objects.

To perform this exercise, find the farthest object you can see and focus on that object. Let your eyes feel the difference in distance and near focus.

Source: Livestrong