Facebook Can Trigger Asthma


facebook triggers asthmaA group of doctors in Italy suggested people with asthma to be careful in using Facebook social networking site. According to The Lancet Medical Journal, asthma attacks are triggered by psychological stress.

“There are cases that indicate that Facebook, and other social networks, could be a source of psychological stress,” said Dr. Gennaro D’Amato. Doctor of Naples had a case of an 18 year old teenager who had asthma which often recurrent. Strangely, an asthma attack occurred after the teen viewed a women’s profile on Facebook who recently dumped him.

After deleting the asthma patient from her “Friend List”, the woman added a row of young men as her “friend”. The teenager who insisted to get back together then create a new account with another name, so they can go back to being “Friends” and saw her ex’s picture. “That’s when his asthma occurred,” said D’Amato.

He noted that the breathing ability immediately dropped to just 20 percent. Patients should receive inhaled medications or inhalers to get back to normal breathing. The teenager was later persuaded to no longer access the profile of his ex. “Asthma attacks stopped after he was asked to stay away from the virtual world,” said D’Amato.

D’Amato and two colleagues studied the case and and reported it in the Journal of Medicine, the latest edition, The Lancet.