Fact about Stress


After the stress reaches a certain level, however, it decreased productivity. Too much stress can cause sleep problems and irritability. In the long term, your body will have a problem with high blood pressure and weakened immune systems.

However, stress increased productivity and performance. Be aware, sometimes the stress will make you better. If you want to live healthy, you do not need to avoid stress. All you need is a strategy to protect themselves from overwhelmed when the stress is too stacked.

An important aspect of stress management is self-acceptance, eg, knowing that you become eat-lover when stressed come. Do what you can do to prevent stress reactions, eg with the diary, go to the outdoors, and so forth, then continue your life. The body will be stronger if you take the time to calm down and relax.

If you feel too much stress, try these solutions, as quoted Redbook:

Ask for what you need

You should stop feeling guilty or weak to rely on other people. When you ask for help, it means you make your friends or family as a gift. Instead, say “no” to ask for help will only enhance your anxiety.

Breathe in

Count “one, two, three, four” while you take a deep breath. When you exhale, count “four, three, two, one.”


Picture yourself in a calm situation, such as flower gardens or the beach. Use each of your senses to put yourselves fully into place. Can you smell the flowers? Is the water warm?


Studies show, expressing emotions in writing can be very beneficial for your health and happiness.