False Myths About Nutrition During Pregnancy


nutition during pregnancy Pregnancy is not an easy period in a woman’s life and often associated with changes in nutrition, physical activity, dress size, interests, health and others. There are quite a lot of myths about pregnancy, especially nutrition during pregnancy.

Well, here are four false myths about nutrition during pregnancy, according GeniusBeauty.

1. Myth, pregnant women need foods for 2 people
Usually, a pregnant woman needs an extra 300 calories per day. This does not mean pregnant women should eat with a portion for two people. Excessive intake of food will cause the mother and baby to be overweight. In addition, the mother may have diabetes or toxicosis (poisoning).

2. Myth, drinking coffee during pregnancy is prohibited
Research has shown that excessive coffee consumption can lead to miscarriage or lack of weight in babies born. But actually, drinking coffee is still allowed for pregnant women, as long as they drink the right portion and at a certain time of pregnancy.

Pregnant women are still allowed to drink coffee, but not more than 0.8 cups per day. Try to balance the consumption throughout the day. Do not forget, not only the caffeine found in coffee, but also tea and soda.

3. Myth, hemoglobin (red blood cells) are in a standard number during pregnancy
There is a physiological decline in hemoglobin levels during pregnancy. This is because blood volume increases and the needs of growing infants. Therefore, the mother must provide a sufficient amount of iron to the body.

To do this, they can consume iron-rich foods or take special pills. Iron deficiency may increase the risk of miscarriage and premature birth,  also lack of weight and malnutrition.

4. Myth, green vegetables contain many iron

Actually a lot of iron can be found in liver, beef, turkey, chicken and fish. Cereals are also rich in iron. Green leafy vegetables do contain iron, but not completely can be absorbed and digested.