Fast food makes kids slow in thinking


fast food

Fast food is now widely consumed, especially by children. Often children are interested in the packaging and presentation of fast foods. Although already known that fast food does not bring good nutrition to children, but there are still many parents who let their children consume these foods. The parents did not seem to know the bad effects that fast food can provide to their children.

A recent study revealed that too often eating fast foods not only lead to obesity in children, but also affects their brains. The study, conducted by researchers at Ohio State University showed that eating fast food can slow down how the child’s brain work.

“So far, the research focuses on the effects of diet on obesity in children. However, our study provides evidence that eating fast food are associated with other problems, which reduce the ability of the child’s brain,” said lead researcher Kelly Purtell, as reported by the Daily Health Post (26/12).

The results obtained after the researchers looked at data from 8,544 children in American schools. Researchers measured how often children ate fast food at the age of 10 years, and then compared them with their academic value. Then researchers repeated the study three years thereafter.

Children who ate fast food almost every day had worse value. They also found that the consumption of fast food makes child’s brain work more slowly and make them difficult to follow lessons at school.

However, in this study the researchers not only measured the link between the ability of a child’s brain with fast food alone. They also calculated other variables that may affect such as physical activity, an indicator of economic class, and calculate how much time children spend watching television.

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