Fast Food Makes People Impatient


fast food Health TipsNot only does fast food make your body fat, but it also makes you impatience. People who often eats fast foods is reported to be less patient and always in a hurry.

Although it is not yet known the relation between fast food and patience, the study conducted by a number of researchers from Canada showed that those who like to eat fast food tend to become less patient.

“Fast food restaurant is one of the impact of modernization that enables us to save time. But, ironically, things that reminds us of the efficiency of time makes us less patient,” said Sanford DeVoe, researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada.

In the experiments conducted at several respondents, it is found that those who are exposed by the symbols of fast food restaurants tend to be faster to read than those who were not shown symbols. In addition, respondents who frequently eat at fast food restaurants tend to be in a hurry while shopping and does not like to wait in line.

The experts believe that a fast food restaurant that is a symbol of efficiency of time may psychologically and unconsciously affect our behavior, in this case it makes us like instant things.