Fat during Pregnancy Increase Risk of Obesity


The condition is often used as an excuse for pregnant women to be able to eat various foods with a portion out of habit. In fact, the portion of balanced nutrition and sufficient to nourish the growth of the fetus. Check out the results of related research this issue.

Women’s excessive weight during pregnancy, probably two times more likely to become obese. Being overweight during pregnancy increases the risk of obesity in the years after the birth. According to a recent study of University of Queenslandin Herston, Australia as quoted by NYdailynews .

Women who gain weight too much during pregnancy increases the average body weight of 44 pounds (approximately 20 kg) during the 21 years after the birth. Conversely, women whose weight is relatively small during pregnancy only increased an average of 20 pounds (approximately 9 kg) during the 21 years after the birth.

To formulate the study, the researchers noticed a body mass index (body mass index / BMI) from 2055 women before and after childbirth. They found that women with too much weight gain during pregnancy are two times more likely to obesity later in life, and four times more likely to become obese (more than fat).

Evidence of the relationship between weight gain during pregnancy and body mass becomes stronger when the researchers looked at the participants’ weight before pregnancy, the researchers wrote in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

“It is still controversial whether energy restriction should be recommended to overweight women who are pregnant to control the potential risk of excessive weight during pregnancy. Therefore, a strict diet can affect fetal growth,” according to research.