Fight Cancer with Cucumber


Fight Cancer with CucumberCucumber is a vegetable commonly eaten. This type of vegetable contain a lot of water which is one of the four most widely cultivated vegetable in the world other than tomatoes, onions, and cabbage.

This vegetable is believed to have originated from North India and is considered to have many benefits for health. Moreover, cucumbers are rich in water content. In addition, cucumber is also rich in vitamins A, B1, B6, C and D, calcium, potassium and folic acid. Want to know more health benefits of cucumbers? Know more below, according to Boldsky.

Keeping the body from dehydration
When the weather is hot and sunny, you tend to sweat more than usual. Especially for those who are active in the outdoor activities. Excessive sweating can lead to dehydration. To restore the body’s fluid intake, you can eat slices of cucumber or cucumber juice to make the body hydrated.

Removing toxins
90 Percent green vegetables contain a lot of water and helps remove toxins and other harmful radicals from the body.

Fight cancer
Cucumbers contain three lignans that are ariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol. According to researchers, lignans may reduce the risk of cancer, especially cancers of prostate, colon, breast, ovarian and uterine.

Stimulates weight loss
Not only rich in water, cucumbers are also low in calories and fat. If you’re on a diet, you should consume cucumber as a snack. Cucumbers can also be a relaxing friend after exercise. This vegetable is also rich in silica that also promotes joint health and strengthen body tissues.

Oral health
Cucumbers reduce bad breath. Not only that, cucumber is useful to promote stronger teeth and gums. Chewing cucumber slices on a regular basis can also kill bacteria in the mouth.

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