Fight Cancer with Papaya Leaf Extract

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papaya leaf extract

Various natural treatments is claimed to be able to fight cancer cells. Researchers found papaya leaf extract can be effective against various tumors and can be used as a traditional medicine.

Nam Dang, a researcher from the University of Florida and his colleague from Japan documented the anti-cancer effects of papaya against cervical tumors, breast, liver and pancreas. This research’s report has also been published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.

The researchers used extracts made from dried papaya leaves and found the resulting effects can be more powerful. Dang and other scientists showed that the papaya leaf extract could increase the production of a key signal molecule called TH1 type cytokines, these molecules help regulate the body’s immune system.

“This could be a maintenance therapy to fight cancer cells by increasing the body’s immune system,” researchers said in the journal, which was released last February, as quoted from AFP, Wednesday (10/3/2010).

Scientists said that papaya leaf extract has no toxic effect on normal cells, this of course can avoid the side effects which generally always occur in some cancer treatments.

Researchers used 10 types of cancer cells with a variety of different 4 papaya leaf extract and measure the effects after being given papaya leaf extract for 24 hours. The results shows that this papaya leaf extract can slow the growth of cancer cells.

The results still needs a long time and certainly will be developed until it can be carried out on a clinical trials. If the research is successful, it will create a new treatment to fight cancer cells by using traditional materials.

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