Fight obesity with aerobics

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Obesity has become one a thing that is often talked about and a lot of people already know a way to fight obesity is exercise. This latest study is a confirmation why aerobics is good to do.

For people who have problems with weight, certainly the beginning of each year has a resolution to lose weight. There are many ways to reach that goal, one of which is exercise.

Researchers from Duke University reveals that aerobic exercise is one of the most powerful way to fight obesity. In addition to being able to make the body fit, aerobics can burn fat in the body quickly.

“If you are overweight, do aerobic movements on a regular basis to cut the amount of fat in the body and nourish the body,” said Dr. Leslie Willis, a psychologist and a leader in the research from Duke University, as quoted by Time.

The study involved 234 adults aged between 18 and 70 years and performed for more than 6 months. The research had managed to support other research in the past.

In doing aerobic movements, it is advisable to keep a constant and regular basis and at least done once a week. In addition, nutrition and food support after doing aerobics should be maintained.

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