First Aid for Dog Bites


First Aid for Dog BitesWhen your child gets bitten by a dog, what is the first thing that every parent does? Panic!! Experts say that when you panic your child gets all the more scared of the situation, and this will worsen the situation. If your child gets bitten by a dog, the first thing you should do before panicking is to rush the child to a nearby hospital or a clinic. Dog bites are extremely dangerous especially if the dog is stray. Do not let go of the situation if the dog is your pet cause they still carry some amount of diseases and germs in their mouth.

As a parent, you should comfort your child if he/ she is bitten by a dog. Treating the wound with some first aid tips will also help. You need to make sure that the child stays calm and quite as the situation can get out of hand and affect the child’s health drastically.

If your child or anyone gets bitten by a dog, here are some of the ways in which you can treat the wound.


It is very important to first clean the dog bit wound. You need to remove all the germs on the wound with the help of clear running water. Clean the wound with water and cotton. Just dab the wound and do not rub it.

Components to use

To clean a dog bite wound, you can use components like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. These components will remove the harmful bacteria at some level. Pour only a small amount of the components on dog bite wound. Blow the wound as you apply the components since it will burn.

Elevate the area

If you have been bitten on your leg or your arm, you need to elevate the area of the wound. This is important for you to follow when you get bitten by a dog because you will have excessive bleeding and by doing this, the bleeding will stop.

Stop the bleeding

You can either elevate the area where you are wounded, or you can place a clean bandage over the wound to stop the bleeding. Rush the patient to the doctor immediately for further medical assistance.

Get a shot

If you have been bitten by a dog, you need to get a tetanus or a rabies shot. It is mandatory for you to follow this procedure, whether or not you have been bitten by your pet or stray.

These are some of the things to keep in mind if you get bitten by a dog. Dog bite wound should be treated within 48 hours by a medical examiner.

source: boldsky