Five Benefits of Waking Up Early


Benefits of Waking Up EarlyIf you are someone who is used to sleeping late, from now on it’s good to get rid of the habit. This is because, waking up early can increase one’s productivity.

Getting adequate rest periods, will make one more fresh. Not only the physical benefit, but also benefits for the heart and soul. Here are some of the benefits of getting up early, as quoted from

1. Happier
Studies show that those who get up early tend to be happier than those who often stay up or sleep late. Those who are older will be happier than those who are young.

The study included two populations. The first consists of adults aged 17 to 38 years, and the second 297 adults aged 59 to 79 years. Both answered questions about their emotional state.

The study shows that adults with older age (59-79) have positive emotions than younger participants (17-38). The reason, is the time they spent awake at night that is done more by young people. The more hours of sleep will affect its waking time.

2. Exercise
This is one of the most common benefits received by each person when they wake up early in the morning. They have the opportunity to get some cool air by exercising.

You can do this before you start your activity. Not only that, getting up early to exercise is also beneficial for improving mood and provide energy for the following activities.

3. Increase Productivity
This early step affects the activities you will do. Waking up early will help you be more relaxed and more focused in doing your job.

4. Build Character
In addition, some studies have also linked getting up early with the building of character. Those who rise early will have the character of optimism, satisfaction and optimal level of consciousness.

5. Success
A Texas University study concluded that those who get up early have more focus on work, than those who get up late or over at 9 am.

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