Five Effective Ways to Fight Aging


fight aging processWomen can not be separated with their skin care cream. Regularly and appropriate use of treatment cream can make the skin more beautiful and healthy, so it looks young.

According to Idiva, treatment creams consists of various types which are differentiated by functions. Identify each functions, so you can choose the right ones you need.

1. Day Cream
“The main ingredient of day cream sunscreen that serves as a skin protection from the sun and moisturize the upper layers of skin,” said Apratim Goel, dermatologist and cosmetic expert from India.

Some day cream contains vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that serves to brighten the skin. Like its name, this cream is used in daytime. So, always use this cream when you do activities through out the day.

2. Night cream
Night cream leaves your skin feels fresh when you wake up in the morning. That’s because the content in a night cream can cope with stress on the skin. “Skin cells metabolism activity is at its highest at night and and in terms of absorption of active ingredients. In other words, when sleeping, our body repair its own damaged skin cells,” says Dr Goel.

A good night cream contains collagen, elastin and lipids. The three are important to help freshen your face while you sleep. Night cream also makes your skin protected from dryness during sleep, especially if the bedroom have air conditioning.

3. Moisturizers
This cream works by protecting skin from dehydration. Not only replace the water lost from the skin, moisturizers also prevents skin damage caused by adverse environmental influences, such as the effects of air conditioning and sunlight. Without moisturizers, the skin often becomes coarse and trigger premature aging.

4. Sunscreen
Sunscreen serves to protect the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet light. The effectiveness of sunscreens can be seen from the numerical factor or SPF (sun protection formula) with ranges from 5 to 100. Use sunscreen if you are doing a lot of outdoor activities or indoor glass which is always exposed to sunlight.

5. Eye cream
Eye cream has a special formula to reduce pigmentation, dark circles, wrinkles and lines under the eyes. “Choose an eye cream which contains vitamin C, K or elastin, collagen, vitamin E, the AHA and kinetin. Eye cream is very important for the skin that do not have oil glands,” says Dr Goel.