Five Exercises to Make Your Stomach Sexy


sexy stomachIn order to get a sexy stomach, you not only have to control the food you consume, but should also do regular exercise. To form the stomach, there are five exercises that ‘must’ be done.

Just do the following five exercises, in order to get a sexy stomach, according to Shine.

1. Cardio exercise
Doing cardio exercises for 30 minutes is the best way to burn belly fat. You can burn 100 to 500 depending on the type of cardio exercise performed.

The intensity of exercise is also very influential. Walking can burn 170 calories. Skipping, swimming and cycling can burn 270 calories in an hour.

2. Abdominal Exercise
Lie on a flat base. Lift the leg and move it like when cycling. These exercises burn belly fat. For best results, do three sets of exercises, each for five minutes.

3. Weight training
Do exercises using weights at least twice a week, it can help shape your abdominal muscles. Including preventing the accumulation of fat. Calories burned during weight training is different in each person, because it depends on the level of metabolism.

4. Breathing exercises
Lie on the floor and take deep breaths through the nose, while inflating your belly. Breathe the air as much as you can. Then, exhale through your nose, by pressing the stomach inside. Do it for about five minutes or as fast as you can. This exercise also helps strengthen the abdominal muscles.

5. Contraction vacuum
To perform this exercise, you should hold the stomach without holding your breath for 30 seconds. In the early stages, you should start by holding the stomach for 5-10 seconds. Then gradually increase the time. Do this exercise when you are sitting.