Five Herbs That Relieves Stress


Stress that is not managed properly will give negative effect on personal lives, professional careers, to personal health. It was previously known that that prolonged stress could trigger stroke. Before trying medication, exercise and certain foods can soothe and make a person feel more relaxed.

One of the natural tension reliever is herbs. Try some herbs that are potent to release your stress, as published in Boldsky.

This the most popular herbs that can be incorporated into food or other necessities. Rosemary is efficacious to relax tense muscles. In ancient Greek society used rosemary flower decoration on their head because it has a relaxing effect on the head.

The plant is often considered a super herb because it works on the hormonal system and stimulates the immune system. You can use it as an essential oil to massage the body and soothe the skin.

Other way is to consume them in the form of lavender tea. Perfume, lavender-scented air fresheners also effectively release tension.

Green tea
The health benefits of green tea have been widely recognized. A cup of green tea is a natural way to relieve stress. Thiamine amino acid in green tea is proven to reduce stress hormones. In order to work effectively, you should drink at least 3-4 cups of tea a day. Apart from the casual effects, green tea also releases some calories, perfect for those who want to still look healthy and slim.

In addition to easing the effects of fever, the flowers can be used as air freshener that gives a soothing effect. While the cream with chamomile aroma will eliminate stress and make skin more radiant.

Sage is a herb that can cure stress more effectively than drugs. In addition to soothing the muscles and brain, sage also reduce tensions with amazing ways.

Try the herbs above and keep a stress-free life.