Five Physical Signs of Chronic Stress


chronic stressSomeone who experience stress often do not realize it. Fatigue, headache or other physical disorders are considered as a normal thing. In fact, physical disorders can be a sign that a person experiences chronic stress.

“Stress hormone or cortisol attack every day, either of work or personal life can make specific (physical) symptoms,” said Stevan E. Hobfoll, PhD, Chairman of the Department of Sciencec Behavior at Rush University Medical Center, according to Prevention.

If you experience five of the following symptoms, you should immediately take a break or vacation. That’s because you’re experiencing stress, and the possibility is that it has become chronic.

1. Headaches in the weekend
“The decline in levels of stress can quickly push migraine,” said Todd Schwedt, MD, director of the Washington University Headache Center.

No wonder that on weekends, the headache appear. If you experience this often, you should set a schedule for sleeping and eating regularly, to minimize stress.

2. Menstrual pain which hurts more than usual
According to a research conducted by a team from Harvard University, most women who experience stress, will have double the pain, than those without stress.

Researchers revealed that stress triggers hormones to become more unstable. This makes the pain caused by menstruation increased more than usual.

3. Experiencing strange dreams
Dreams usually will be more beautiful when you get enough sleep. “So, when you wake up your mood will be better,” said Rosalind Cartwright, PhD, professor emeritus of psychology at Rush University Medical Center.

However, when stressed, you will wake up more often. This allows the occurrence of unpleasant or weird dreams all night.

4. Bleeding gums
According to the analysis of Brazilian researchers, people who experience chronic stress are at high risk of dental and mouth problems.

That means levels of the hormone cortisol in the body is very high and lowers immune system, so that the bacteria triggers a dental problem easy to attack.

5. Allergies gets worse
In an experiment conducted in 2008, a team from Ohio State University College of Medicine found that people with allergies have more severe symptoms during stress.

“Stress hormones stimulate the production of IgE, a blood protein that triggers allergic reactions,” said one researcher, Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD.