Five Places You Should Not Choose to Eat at


eating while drivingWhen work is piling sometimes it makes us unable to leave the office, even just or lunch. But did you know that  eating at the desk is not good. Well, according to fitsugar there are five places that are not good to eat at.

1. Car
Eating on the road is not a good idea. Fast food, which is made for people who do not have much time, are high in calories. And when you eat while driving, you will swallow the food very quickly so that the hand does not have to be separated from the steering wheel. You are also very busy watching the road so that you do not pay attention to the amount of food consumed. If indeed you have to eat in the car, prepare a snack or meal that you know the amount of calories well.

2. Kitchen
When you are in the kitchen, then you are surrounded by food, so no wonder you’ll eat more than expected. What’s worse is that you eat while standing in front of the refrigerator or pantry that is open, or in front of a box of food, it will be difficult to keep how much food you eat. If you’re hungry for a snack or a big meal, prepare to taste snacks inside the container and sit at the table while enjoying it.

3. Infrot of the TV
Television advertising is sometimes dangerous for our appetite. All advertising of pizza, hamburgers, potato chips, chicken wings, ice cream and is very inspiring for someone to snack at night. No wonder if it will end by you going into the kitchen and taking a bag of chips, a glass of ice cream and chocolate. There is nothing wrong if you provide a snack while watching a television, but make sure you noticed the amount of calorie intake.

4. Work table
This is a hard habit to be stopped, especially at the office that requires you to skip your lunch hour. This is like eating in the car or in front of the television. You are busy working and not paying attention to what they eat and before knowing it, you’ve spent a full plate just in a flash. When you eat quickly and not paying attention to every bite, your brain can not recognize how much is eaten, then you still feel hungry. If you have time, try to take 15 minutes away from your desk and have lunch and make sure not to keep food in the desk drawer.

5. Bed
There are several reasons why people eat in bed, if they’re sick, sad or just feeling a little lazy, still eating in bed is not good. Because it makes the sleeping area unhygienic.