Five Reasons To Make Nuts as Snacks


nuts healthy snacksThe desire to consume snacks can come anytime. However, you must be smart in choosing, because if not, your weight may increase because of the habit of snacking.

Actually, there are snacks that are healthy, tasty and makes you full longer, which is nuts. With a tiny form, easily grasped, and the taste is savory and sweet, is is ideal to make nuts as snacks in between meals. According to healthmeup, there are five other reasons that you should know why nuts can be consumed as every day snacks.

1. Healthy Fats
For the sake of a slim body, sometimes we always avoid foods that are high in fat. So that you keep eating tasty snacks, the body feel full and satisfied with good nutrition, nuts are the best choice. Fat contained in nuts are natural and healthy fats. It would be better if you eat boiled nuts rather than fried nuts.

2. Protein
The content of protein in nuts are very high, so that it makes you feel full longer. Meanwhile, other snacks contain carbohydrates, sugars and high in calories, nuts are an excellent choice to meet your body needs for protein.

3. Good for heart health
According to a team of researchers from the Mayo Clinic, someone who eat nuts regularly, can reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body. LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) is one of the triggers of heart attacks. Eating nuts may reduce risk of blood clots that can trigger heart attacks.

4. Can be combined with various foods
Nuts are very easy to process and could be a sprinkler for various foods. Do not hesitate to process food or make it with nut topping.

5. Selenium
The content of selenium in nuts are also very high. This mineral also activate antioxidant substances called glutathione peroxidase. The substance serves to ward off free radicals that triggers cancer.