Five Reasons Why it is Difficult to Lose Weight


weight loss difficultyThe yo-yo effect or weight fluctuate continuously are much experienced by women. Maybe you also experience something similar.

Having already doing daily exercise, weight had dropped, but in a short time goes up again. What’s the real problem? Elisa Zied, a registered dietitian, revealed five main reasons why weight loss is difficult to drop, according to Shine.

1. Not moving enough
You probably spend about one or two hours at the gym. But, try to remember do spend your time more to sit at the rest of the day? Do not underestimate it. You have to move more throughout the day to burn calories. Too much staying still can also mean eating more often.

2. Eating too much
When you eat too much, chances are you consume more calories than you think. So, again control your food intake.

3. Eating while standing or while working
If you eat this way, your focus on food decreases. It will be difficult for you to feel satisfied and full. It also makes you eat more calories.

4. Eating snacks too often
Eating food in small quantities and regularly, so you do not feel hungry all day, is actually good. However, if you eat snacks when you’re not really hungry, it makes the intake of calories in the body grows.

5. Being dishonest
You might think that you are cutting calories, but you actually are not doing it. You have to reduce 500 calories per day. Eating less food with emphasis on physical activity, can reduce half-kilogram of body weight every week.